Meet The Bugman Team

Hello I’m Roman Valdez I am the owner of Bugman Inc.. We have been in business for 28 years. However, I have been in pest control for the majority of my life and am well versed in the pests, trees, and rodents of New Mexico. What started as a way to earn money, quickly steamrolled into a passion. My desire was not only to solve pest problems, but to bring joy into my customers lives by developing real friendships with each customer we come into contact with. I’m proud to say that my team is good at achieving this goal. I feel like our team is more of a family than a work team, and I am proud of them all. If you are looking for a solution to your pest problems, and want a team that will professionally solve your problem while achieving the highest customer service, Give me a call. Were looking forward to caring for your needs.

My name is Ben Ortega I have worked with Bugman Inc. for over 15 years. I worked construction the majority of my life. Thankfully many skills I used in construction apply to different aspects of pest control. I enjoy conversing and helping my customers with all they need.

Hello my name is Eric Vigil I have worked for Bugman for over 10 years. Not long before starting at Bugman Inc, I retired from Los Alamos National laboratories. I mainly work with our great customers of northern New Mexico, all of whom I have developed great relationships with. All my customers know I am always a simple call away.

My name is Josh Vigil and I have been licensed in Pest Control since 2003. I took some time away from Pest Control and received an associates degree in computers and electronics while still working occasionally on bigger jobs. I quickly found out that sitting at a computer all day was not for me. I returned to full time Pest Control in 2013. My favorite part of Pest Control are the challenging bird jobs and tree work. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people on a daily basis. I have had the opportunity to build close friendships with many of my customers.

Hello my name is Roman Valdez, though since it’s the same name as the owner (my father) most people call me Rome. I am 27 years old. I have 6 years full time experience in the business, but being around pest control my whole life has aided in my knowledge of New Mexico pests. When it comes to work there’s not a challenge I’m not up for. My favorite areas of pest control is tree work, fertilizing, roaches, birds, and of course conversing with our wonderful customers. Though I love it all.

Hi, I am Vicente Koroneos. I have been licensed with Bugman for 8 years. I enjoy all aspects of pest control, but my favorite part is being able to talk and build relationships with all my customers. When I’m not there taking care of your pest problems, I’m just a call or text from helping them.

Jeremy Martinez

 Hello my name is Jeremy Martinez I have worked and been license for Bugman for 2 years now I enjoy working for the customers and I’m here to serve your Pest Control needs the best that I can I have a background in construction and is useful in the industry I look forward to serving the customers to the best of my ability thank you for your business, God bless.

Hello, my name is Brian Halpin. I have been in the industry since 2016 I have been with Bugman since 2021. I really enjoy route work and making sure all my customers’ homes are pest and rodent free.

My name is Dominic Martinez, after an extended tenure in the hospitality industry where I found one of my passions customer service. In 2015 I began my career in the pest control industry, as an avid outdoorsman, pest control gave me the opportunity to do what I love most, interact with clients, and be outdoors.




Hello I am Theresa Valdez. Roman and I started Bugman Inc 28 years ago. I keep the books and do the behind the scenes work. I have been happy to work alongside my husband in growing this business from one man to a whole company.  I have loved to watch the growth of Bugman throughout the years, and have developed many great relationships along the way.