Wildlife control is the control of any animal that could be invading a property and causing unfavorable conditions. Some of the most common wildlife animals we deal with in the area are: rabbits, skunks, racoons,  chipmunks, squirrels and more. We have the capability of dealing with larger animals as well. Some examples of wildlife problems are rabbits eating garden plants, raccoons nesting in roofs and building voids, skunks causing foul odors outdoors, bobcats threatening comfort, etc.  In most cases the best solution to wildlife invasions is simple trapping and relocation. When it comes to trapping Bugman never kills the animal to get rid of them, we always humanely relocate the animal to more favorable areas for the specific animal.  If you think you are having animals invading your business yard or home give Bugman a call, we have the experience to deal with your wildlife problems promptly.