Tree Services


Bugman Inc. has been providing solutions for tree pests for over 20 years. Our trees have suffered from the drought conditions, we have had, which have encouraged the tree pest population. In 2003 we had a huge outbreak of bark beetle which attacks and kills off pinon trees. We currently still have bark beetle in the area which is accompanied by twig beetle and scale. Last year we saw a big outbreak of pinion needle scale on the pinon trees which we expect to only get worse this year with the drought conditions we’ve had.

We offer different solutions to manage these insects. The quickest, best, solution would be to have your prized pinon trees sprayed to provide a coating on the tree that will kill anything currently living on it, as well as leave a residual to protect it for up to three months. We also offer two forms of tree injections, we inject the pesticides into the cambium, which then spreads through the tree systemically. 

We deal with all types of trees as well. Aspens in the area have had problems with fungus’ such as marssonina blight and leaf rust. Locusts have had locust borers causing damage to and killing many well established trees. Many trees especially maples and aspens have been greatly lacking iron causing discoloration of foliage.Tent caterpillar and bag worms damage whole limbs of trees around. Deciduous and conifers alike encounter pests such as aphids and spider mites. We have safe and effective treatments to all these tree issues and more. 

Fertilization is an important ingredient to a healthy tree. We are experienced in deep root fertilization. This is a soil prodding process in which vital nutrients are delivered directly to the root hairs of a tree. We use nutrients that are rich in macro and micro nutrients. When used with a proper watering program, we see healthy colorful trees with exponential growth. Fertilizing is especially recommended in spring and fall. This process works miracles on garden beds as well.