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Types of Ants in White Rock, NM; Fire, Argentine, Acrobat, Odorous House Ant Pests & More

Ants are the most common pest in households and are the pests that get more calls to professional pest control than any other pest. Ants are very successful social insects with colonies that can be small to large and the warm climate and desert landscape climate in New Mexico is ideal for them.

Types of Ants in New Mexico

Odorous House Ants– These ants are probably the most common infesting ants. They are small ants that have dark brown bodies that can look black. They get their name from the rotten coconut smell they release when they are crushed. They can be very hard to deal with as they will nest inside walls.
Fire ants– Fire ants are red and can sting. They live in soil mounds around your home and like areas that are open and sunny. They can get as big as a quarter of an inch and their painful bite is the reason they have the reputation as a pest you don’t want to deal with. Fire ants can be a serious nuisance.
Argentine Ants– Argentine ants will compete with fire ants for territory. They are aggressive ants that will eat other insects. They are brown in color and when they are crushed it will smell bad. They will come into your home when it’s very wet or dry outside.
Acrobat Ants– When these ants are threatened they will raise their abdomens over their thorax and will also give off a foul odor. These ants vary in color from light brown to black and are small. They will get into your home through any opening they can find.
Citronella ants– These ants are small and yellow and will eat the roots of shrubs and mealybugs. They smell like lemon when they are crushed and will get into your home through cracks in the foundation. They can be alarming when they enter in swarms.

Ant Prevention

The best way to ensure you won’t have ant problems is to keep them out in the first place so exclusion is the first step. Take a walk around the outside of your home and look for any areas that an ant would use to get into your home. They will be attracted to cool air and smells that are coming from your home and will get inside if they can. Look for cracks and crevices in the foundation, voids around pipes, openings under stucco and in brick. These areas will all need to be sealed or ants will just keep coming in. Check to make sure your windows and doors are closing tightly. If they aren’t, then you’ll need to install door sweeps. Check all your trees and shrubs to make sure they aren’t touching your home and don’t stack firewood or bricks next to your home or ants might start nesting there.

Ant Control

Without the right knowledge and tools, it can be hard to eliminate ants and if it’s not treated the right way the infestation can continue to grow. If all your attempts have failed and you have an invasion of ants in your home, you can call the professionals at Bugman, Inc. to identify the ants you’re dealing with and undertake the best way to get rid of them. Call us today!

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