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Pest Control

Pest Control Services in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Espanola, White Rock, Taos and Albuquerque, NM

Bugman Pest Control, Inc. has been providing reliable, eco-friendly pest and termite service in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Espanola, White Rock, Taos and Albuquerque for over two decades. Locally owned and operated, Bugman service technicians are well-trained and deliver thorough service at each property. Bugman specializes not only in residential and commercial pest control, but offers a wide range of other specialty pest services including termite control and bed bug removal.

Pest Control for Homes, Businesses and Restaurants

Bugman can protect your home, business and even restaurant food establishments from unwanted pests. Common pests found in homes include ants, mice, silverfish, earwigs, roaches and spiders. Some spiders can deliver a dangerous bite or sting. Black widows are a common pest in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Espanola, White Rock, Taos and in Albuquerque that threaten homes, business and restaurants.

Home Pest Control

Bugman can control common residential pests with regular pest inspections and regular pest services. All residential services are thorough and carried out with an eco-friendly approach to keep homes from unwanted invaders.

Ant Pest Control


Ants are the most commonly occurring pest and their nests can at time be difficult to locate. A trained Bugman specialist can identify ant problems and provide solutions to exterminate not only the ants visible on top of the surface, but can exterminate the ant nest and its queen inside.



Roaches are also a menace for Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Espanola, White Rock, Taos and Albuquerque homeowners. Although roaches do not inflict poisonous bites, they are dangerous due to their ability to transfer bacteria and disease from one place to another. Just image how they can taint and otherwise sanitary silverware drawer in a kitchen.

Bird and Bat Removal

Birds & Pigeons – Bird & Pigeon pests carry harmful diseases and are hosts to other pests such as fleas, ticks, lice and mites. They also create an unsightly mess with their droppings and nesting materials. Call Us for a free bird or pigeon removal estimate. Bats – These creatures often stay close to their homes in caves, abandoned buildings and other large, dark crevices.

Rat and Mice Removal


Rodent control is a critical element of any home or commercial pest control service. Mice can slip through a hole the size of a dime, and rats can fit through an opening the size of a quarter. Rats and mice are notorious for gnawing their way into warmer structures from the cold (or hot) outdoors. They seek shelter foot and most importantly, a good source for water. Rats and mice can be excluded from gaining entrance into a home or building. If a rat or mice infestation is found, Bugman Pest Control Inc. has several protocols for fast rat and mice removal.

Commercial Pest Management

Bugman helps to establish good protections against harmful pests and rodents, as well as maintaining great landscapes. Property managers of commercial investment buildings view pest management as a critical line item in their maintenance budgets. Bugman routinely provides commercial pest management inspections, annual pest control bids for service and outstanding pest management results for managers. Bugman commercial pest control services include management of insect pests as well as vertebrate pests such as rats and mice.

Restaurant Pest Control and Food Handling Pest Management

Restaurants can suffer bad ratings and even closure if sanitation standards aren’t up to the highest level. Besides financial risk, pests also pose health risks to restaurant patrons who dine in. Restaurant employees should also be able to work in a pest controlled environment. Bugman is experienced in managing pest issues in restaurants. Most commonly, ants, roaches and rodents such as rats and mice need to be controlled and eliminated from food service businesses.

Lawn Fertilization and Yard Insect Control


Some trees and invasive bugs can harm lawns and desert landscape. They also can be a real pain to try to control after a long week of hard work away from home. Not to mention the difficulty of cutting trees around cactus and in between rocks. If left alone, some trees can quickly infest an entire lawn or garden. Lawn fertilizing and yard insect control helps to control trees and is an important part of protecting a property from pests. Bugman offers Lawn Fertilization and Yard Insect Control services that can help to tree removal throughout each four seasons of the year.

Bee Removal


Bees are definitely beneficial insects. But often times they can threaten a home or patrons of commercial properties. In these special cases, bee removal may be necessary. Bee removal is even more crucial when surrounding residents have known bee allergies or when small children or elderly people are nearby.

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  • “We had Steve from Bugman Pest Control come out to treat our home today. He went way above and beyond what was expected and was very thorough! He was extremely polite and professional. Based on this experience, I would definitely recommend Bugman Pest Control to anyone. Their prices are great and their service is exceptional!”

    - Erin P.

  • “They are very thorough, even swept out the eves of my 2 story home. All of the techs are professional, polite and provided a clear explanation as to what was done.”

    - Angel B.

  • “Thanks to Dan for retreat service last week. We have had a persistent scorpion problem and Chris took the time to listen to our situation and come up with a solid plan to address the issue. . . Bugman has been excellent at responding to our needs, gladly performing additional treatments as needed.”

    - Kelly

  • “Chris L. was our technician yesterday and he did a great job. He sprayed extra for scorpions. He also remembered me from months past and made sure our bug problem was solved. Overall I have been pleased with the service.”

    - Wendi O.

  • “We are very happy with this company and their technicians especially with Chris L. who came back after my phone call to bring some glue traps. They are very professional and a great team!”

    - Yudi B.

  • “We have been very pleased with the pest control that we have gotten from Bugman. The tech that came by today, Sam H., was very polite and made a point of letting me know what he had done and the products that were used. He was also on time. This is important, because it allows me to get the dog out of the house and the yard for a walk. Keep up the good work!”

    - Karen H.

  • “Bugman Pest Control has been doing a great job servicing my home for the last 8 months. Today I was home when the technician, Sam H., arrived. Sam was very courteous and professional while still being personable. After completing the service he reviewed which chemicals were used and reminded me I could always call for a re-treatment if needed (I haven't needed one yet)”

    - John L.

  • “Bugman was professional and informative. They came on time and worked hard to get rid of our pests. Thanks Dan. The office staff is really friendly too and our salesman was extra great.”

    - Christy M.

  • “Chris L. with Bugman Pest Control was extremely informative and highly professional. He was very interested in the concerns and issues we were having and was very diligent in his approach to correct the issues. Thank you Steve for being so pleasant to work with.”

    - Katie B.

  • “Love my pest guys! Very professional and willing to go the extra mile...Chris L. sprayed today a little extra in the garage...Thank You! Thank You!”

    - Becky W.

  • “Mike O. has been to my house to exterminate.... I love this company. They are always polite when you call and always professional. Mike is so considerate of our baby and 3 dogs! I feel so comfortable and safe with their services being there is an infant and dogs in the house. Best of all, NO MORE SCORPIONS AND ANTS! Thanks!!”

    - Jenny B.

  • “The people at Bugman Pest Control are wonderful. Mike O. from the Tempe office has been my technician and was very knowledgeable and sincere. I have told a dozen people about them and would recommend them to everyone. Every person I have dealt with from the billing department to the sales reps to the actual technicians has provided excellent customer service.”

    - Ralph N.

  • “This company did a great, thorough job inside and out, and also did treatment for scorpions at no extra charge. Tony did a great, professional job! I am very impressed with Bugman!”

    - Allen N.

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