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How to Get Rid of Deer Mice in Your Los Alamos, NM House; Identification, Habitat & More

The deer mouse, Latin name Peromyscus maniculatus, is a relatively small rodent which can be found in many areas throughout the United States. These tiny rodents are known for their agility and speed along with their ability to jump. The deer mouse is considered a particularly dangerous species as it is known to carry several deadly diseases including Hantavirus and Lyme disease. Both of these diseases can infect individuals directly or indirectly through contact with saliva, urine and feces. According to the knowledgeable experts at Bugman Inc., the deer mouse is the main carrier of Sin Nombre virus, a Hantavirus strain found in New Mexico. While the deer mouse prefers agricultural areas, they can also be found in residential and commercial areas.

Deer Mouse Identification

The deer mouse is fairly small compared to other species of mice at barely four inches long. It can be easily identified with its two-toned colored body and large eyes, soft gray fur on the upper part of the body, dark colored tail that is white underneath, and dark colored back which sometimes features a dark stripe along the middle

Where Do Deer Mice Live?

The deer mouse is most active at night and will typically spend the daylight hours nesting. Outside nests are most often found in rotting logs and in the ground but when inside the home, deer mice prefer to build nests in dark secluded places such as the basement or attic. The deer mouse does not hibernate but will nest in homes in the winter time when looking for a warm secure place to survive the cold. Nests are made from a variety of objects including paper, fur, hair and sticks. Deer mice are omnivorous, eating a variety of seeds and fruit along with caterpillars, and spiders.

Deer Mice Infestations

Deer mice breed from March through October, with the females of the species becoming sexually mature at approximately 35 to 60 days from birth. Each female is capable of producing two to four litters per year which contain an average of five to fix babies per litter.

Deer Mice Damage

Dice mice will damage items in your home including furniture, books, clothing and other materials when searching for and using items to build their nests. Deer mice droppings are smooth approximately 3 to 6 mm long with pointed ends. Never touch mouse droppings with your bare hands, instead use gloves and wear a face mask to avoid airborne particles. Never vacuum droppings, doing so can release Hantavirus particles into the air.

Rodent Prevention and Removal

The best way to prevent your property from becoming home to a population of deer mice is to take preventative measures including sealing all holes and crevices, even those as small as a dime. Remove any clutter that is stored in and around your yard and keep grass mowed on a regular basis. If you are concerned that you may already have a deer mouse problem, contact your Bugman Inc. rodent control specialist for professional rodent removal services. To learn more about rodent exclusion, control and removal for your New Mexico home or business, contact the knowledgeable experts at Bugman Inc today.

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