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Grass Fertilizer & Yard Insect Control in Albuquerque, NM; Signs of Lawn Grubs & More

Lawns and desert landscapes can be negatively impacted by some different weeds and invasive insects. These same problems can prove to be a challenge to control if left unchecked even for a short time frame. Attempting to remove the unwanted weeds around your prize cactus and in between the heavy rocks can be especially problematic. Some trees and insects can quickly infest and take over an entire garden or lawn, depriving it of the nutrients it needs and ultimately destroying it. With our Lawn Fertilization and Yard Insect Control services offered throughout all four seasons of the year, we can keep your lawn looking amazing. We at Bugman Pest Control would like further expound on the lawn fertilization and yard insect control services.

Grass Fertilizer

An important role of healthy grass in addition to proper watering, mowing, and pre-emergent, is adequate fertilizing. It is a common misconception that your turf needs fertilizing once a year, but really, a healthy, well balanced lawn should be fertilized four times a year with the right applications. During the course of the year, the fertilizer will contribute to adding the right nutrients to the soil, minimize weed growth, and strengthen the grass’s roots to promote healthy, green, soft grass. Lawn fertilization should be applied in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. During these applications, specific formulated fertilizers will do various beneficial aspects for your lawn.

Fertilizing Schedule

Spring fertilization is designed to strengthen the root system and to choke out crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. It will fortify the grass from potential drought conditions and intense heat. The summer fertilizer will intensify the nutrients in the soil and balance the pH levels. Fall fertilizer gives grass early preparation for strength during the cold months. Winter treatments enrich the roots and give grass a better chance against the extreme cold conditions and early development after the last frost. These are just the basics of the seasonal lawn fertilizing treatments. With seasonal applications, lawns are healthier.

Lawn Insect Control

Yard insect control is equally important as lawn fertilizing treatments. Invasive insects can infest the lawn and quickly cause grass or other desert landscape plants to deteriorate. Lawn grubs are the most common yard insect, but are not the only issue. Their presence is indicated from irregularly shaped yellow dead areas in the turf that is created. Although yellow patches could be signs of disease, fungus, too much shade, or even a faulty sprinkler system, a sign of grubs is little holes left in the lawn from predators. Grubs prefer sunnier areas as opposed to shaded areas and you can find grubs near where the dead area of lawn meets with greener healthy lawn. There are many other insects that are devastating to your yard that when treated with the right applications, can be eliminated from your lawn.

Lawn Fertilization & Yard Insect Control

With Bugman Pest Control lawn fertilization and yard insect control services, your lawn is well cared for getting the nutrients it needs while eliminating the invasive weeds and insects. Call us today to take care of your landscaping and lawn needs!

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